Abstract Paintings. Ltd Edition Prints avaiable.

beaneath the waves canvas

Title : ‘Under the Waves.’ Acrylic on Canvas. 178cm x 69cm (70″x 27″). White Tray frame £3500

Title : ‘Rolling Beneath the Waves’ Mix media. 173cm x 80cm White Box Frame, with Glass. £2200 Pounds.

Exotic jpeg

Title : ‘Exotic Party’ Acrylic & resin on wood. 175cm x 84cm Tray Frame £3500 

red spot

Title : ‘Red Spot.’ Acrylic on wood. 137 cm x 44 cm. Dark Grey Tray Frame. £2200

sunshine nevis

Title : ‘Sunshine Nevis’ Acrylic & Resin on paper.  180cm x 85cm. White Frame -Behind Glass. Price £4500 


sergie's drawing

‘Sergie’s Drawing’ Acrylic on paper 107cm x 89cm. White frame – Behind Glass. £1400 

japanese wave

‘Oriental Wave’ Acrylic on paper. 107cm x 89cm. White Frame – behind Glass. £1400 Pounds.


‘Aysha’ Acrylic on paper 107cm x 89cm White frame. Behind Glass. £1400 Pounds

party acrylic resin & Glass

Title : ‘Janine Party’ Acrylic Resin & Glass. 74cm x 74cm unframed £2200. Blue Frame