SCARVES Long & Narrow

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Long Narrow Silk Scarves

EXUBERANCE – First Collection

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Here are my long & narrow &  square silk scarves.

First Collection: Exuberance

Exuberance : 14cm x 192cm long and narrow. Pattern on front, grey on back. All silk. £125. Pounds. $220 Cad Dollars.

exuberance narrow scraf & box small

long scarf exuberance

grey back long scarf

                    Reverse silk grey lining

SQUARE SCARF. exuberance slamon pink square scarf

Square Exuberance Scarf 36″ £125  Cad $ 220 or 48″ £145 Cad $ 255

Can be printed on Satin Silk or Crepe de Chine.

Select your Colourway for Square scarve.

colour chart choice exuberance

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